Proper Hand Washing Technique and Cough Manners


Note: Make sure that your hands are free from the following: Wrist Watch, Ring and Bracelets

Step 1. Wet hands and wrists. Apply soap or alcohol-based hand rub.

Step 1

Step 2. Palm to palm with fingers interlaced.

Step 2

Step 3. Right palm over left. Left over right.

Step 3

Step 4. Rotational rubbing of the right thumb by clasping it in the left palm. And vice versa.

Step 4

Step 5. Back of the fingers to the opposing fingers and interlocked.

Step 5

Step 6. Back of the fingers to the opposing fingers and interlocked.

Step 6

Points to remember in hand washing:

 Wash hands for a minimum of 15-20 seconds (sing happy birthday song twice)

 Use soap and clean (flowing) water.

 Ensure you have washed all areas properly following the 6 steps.

 Dry hands thoroughly.

 Use of alcohol based hand gels/lotions:

 Put enough of the product to your hands.

 Vigorously rub hands using the same steps.

 It is important to “pat dry” our hands…


– collect microorganisms

– spread potentially infectious microorganisms

– may become colonized by potentially infectious microorganisms.


 Hand hygiene or hand washing is the single most important thing that you can do to help prevent spread of infection.

 Stay healthy and well… wash your hands!

 Clean hands save lives!


1. Cover nose and mouth with tissue or handkerchief every time you sneeze, cough or blow your nose.

2. Use cuff/sleeves if tissue/handkerchief is not available.

3. Don’t be offended if someone offers you tissue.

4. Don’t spit on the floor or any pavement.

5. Put used tissue in trash bin.

6. Wash hands with soap and clean water before touching eyes, nose or mouth and before shaking hands.

7. Wash used handkerchiefs separately from clothing.

8. As much as possible, stay home when you are sick.

9. Maintain a safe distance of 1 meter from other people when you are sick.

10. DO NOT share eating utensils, drinking glasses, towels or other personal items.


Cough and Sneezes Spread Diseases!

Respiratory Etiquette is Basic Good Health Manners


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