Introduction to Windows

What is an ordinary window? What is the importance of having a window inside a house or school?

  • An ordinary window is a wall opening in a room or house that lets the light and air pass through.
  • It is usually made of movable glass.
  • It is designed to see what is happening inside or outside of the house.

What is Microsoft Windows XP?

  • XP stands for  experience.
  • Microsoft Windows XP is a full operating system (OS) created by Microsoft Corporation.
  • It uses a Graphical User Interface (GUI) which allows users to communicate with the computer through icons and menus.

Best Features Windows XP

  • Simplicity
  • User – friendly – means the program is easy and simple to use.
  • Allows one to perform multitasking – it has the ability to run two or more programs at the same time which is called multitasking.
  • “Internet Interface” easily – one can easily access and work on the internet because of the availability of the internet browser software which is the Internet Explorer.

What is the importance of having Windows in a computer system?

  • As discussed, Windows is an operating system which makes the computer system work. Without Windows, one cannot operate the computer such as the system unit, monitor, and the keyboard.
  • Windows also allows the user to do several things at the same time like drawing pictures while listening to one’s favorite song.
  • One can also enjoy playing games with full blast sound and exciting graphical movements!

How to start Windows XP?

  • One can start Windows by pressing the power switch on the System Unit. Upon starting, it displays a desktop. The desktop may not be exactly the same as yours in your personal computers because of the different settings done in the computer.

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