History of Computer

A long time ago…

  • People used only their hands and fingers to count.
  • Then man thought of better ways to do things.
  • One of these was to make a machine that would help him count.

Early computing devices

  • ABACUS – the Chinese people invented the abacus. It helped people add and subtract numbers. It was made up of beads that could move back and forth on rods.
  • PASCALINE – a French mathematician named Blaise Pascal invented the Pascaline. He invented this to help his father who worked in court. It made counting money easier, Pascaline could add and subtract long columns of numbers without making a mistake.
  • LEIBNITZ CALCULATOR – a German mathematician named Gottfried Leibnitz invented the Calculator. This works better than the Abacus and Pascaline. It could add, subtract, multiply and divide numbers.
  • Jacquard’s Loom – a man in France named Joseph Marie Jacquard invented the Jacquard’s Loom. It weaved cloth faster. It used punch cards in making patterns on cloth. The machine followed he instructions from the punch cards. Punch cards were fed into the loom and design on the cloth.
  • ANALYTICAL ENGINE – an English mathematician named Charles Babbage and Lady Ada Byron invented the Analytical Engine. This machine can do a lot of things by itself. It could solve problems using programs. It could store instructions just like computer nowadays. But they never finished the invention because there were many tiny parts needed to complete the machine. The creation of the parts needed time and effort.

Charles Babbage is known as the “Father of the Modern Computer” because of his great idea.

Lady Augusta Ada Byron is known as the “First Programmer”.

  • TABULATING MACHINE – an American statistician named Herman Hollerith invented the Tabulating Machine. It can record and compile data. It can store data in a chart or table within weeks. It helped the U.S. Government made the census faster.

The Microprocessor – The computers can already operate faster. This is because of microprocessors. A microprocessor is made up of silicon chips.

The First Personal Computer International Business Machine (IBM) introduced the First IBM Personal Computer. The IBM personal computer is an example of a microprocessor.

A microcomputer is the smallest type of computer. It is designed for a single user. It can perform a complete computing system just like the huge computers.


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