Starting MS Publisher

MS Publisher (MS Pub) – one of the most commonly used software in creating a publication. One can also make a lot of things like calendars, invitations or banners.

Parts of MS Publisher

Title Bar – located at the top of MS Pub where the name of the application and the filename appears.

Menu Bar – located below the title bar. It contains a group of choices that lets one do most Microsoft tasks.

Toolbar – shortcut to various commands that don’t require opening a menu or dialog box. There are two default toolbars: the standard and formatting toolbars.

Standard Toolbar – contains the most commonly used buttons that perform common tasks, such as saving, opening, printing, checking spelling, etc.

Formatting Toolbar – contains buttons that provide shortcuts for choosing fonts, font size, borders, alignments, etc. These are buttons that allow you to change the appearance of the words/characters in your document.

Toolbox – contains the basic tools need in a publication.

Ruler – serves as borders of the MS Pub workspace. They are on top and on the left side of the workspace.

Resize Handle – dragging this portion of the window will resize the active window equally on all sides.

Object Size Area – will show the size of the active or highlighted object in the work page in the unit of measurement, for example, 3.50 x 3.63 in.

Scroll Bar – allows one to view the hidden part of a work page. Sliders and arrows used to see the parts of the document that are not seen in the current window.

Object Position – displays the position of the object with respect to the horizontal and vertical distances of the objects.

Page Indicator – located at the lower left end of the horizontal scroll. It displays the page seen at the moment.

Work Page/ Workspace – this is where one lays out the text, graphics or pictures.

Ask a Question Box – shows the Help Topics that answer the question typed in the text box.

Task Pane – a window within an office application that provides commonly used commands. Its location and small size allows one to use these commands while still working on other files.

Control Buttons

Minimize – reduces the window and places it on the taskbar.

Maximize – displays the full screen view of the window.

Restore – puts the window back to its previous.

Close – automatically closes the application.


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