Parts of a Window (WordPad)

  • A Window is a rectangular area, which is framed by a border that displays data, programs, files, documents or information about the application.

Parts of a Window

  • Application Icon – once this icon is clicked, a menu will appear. This menu displays commands used to control the window.
  • Title Bar – this part of the window shows the name of the program or document.
  • Minimize Button – this reduces the window into a small button on the task bar.
  • Maximize Button – this enlarges the window to its fullest size on the screen.
  • Close – Button – this exits or closes a application window.
  • Restore Button – this only appears when the window is at its biggest size. Click this button to resize the window back to its original size.
  • Menu Bar – this is found below the title bar. It contains options or commands that can be used in working with the program.
  • Toolbars – these are found below the menu bar. The commands are represented by icons that one can find and use these commands easily.
  • Scroll Bars – these are found at the right side or bottom of the windows. These bars are used when the entire document does not fit the window or the screen.
  • Status Bar – this is found at the bottom part of the window. This contains information about what is the standing or situation of any object chosen in the program.

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