PowerPoint Capabilities

PowerPoint Capabilities

• Microsoft word is powerful word processor software used to create documents like letters, research papers, memos and other projects. Moreover, to communicate information or deliver reports into attractive, interesting and creative presentations, Microsoft PowerPoint is the program to use.
PowerPoint is a complete presentation package. It produces a professional – looking presentation that has functions for test handling, drawing, layout, clipart and many more. It has built – in layout, templates, editing features, multi – media effects and video clips.

What can PowerPoint do?
• Since PowerPoint is mostly used in delivering presentations, it reduces the habit of time – consuming visual aids. One can have a better result in sharing information with the use of animations and colorful graphics.

PowerPoint Functions
Presentation – a collection of slides, hand – outs, speaker’s notes and outline. It is the over – all design and format that is carried through from beginning to end.
Slide – individual “pages” of your presentation. One slide consists of text, title, graphs, drawn objects, shapes, clip art, drawn art and visuals created using other applications. Slides can be printed or paper or even transparencies.
Hand – out – consists of smaller printed version of slides. This supports the presentation. Additional information such as name of the presenter, the date and page numbers can also be added.
Notes Page – this helps the speaker as he or she goes along when presenting the slides. The speaker or presenter to remember important words that he/she needs to say. Notes maybe written per slide.
Outline – this serves as a text preview of your presentation. One way of starting your presentation is to construct the outline first.

PowerPoint is a complete presentation package. When used to deliver reports, it is better than using traditional visual aids. There are five PowerPoint views namely, presentations, slides, hand – outs, notes and outline.


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