Using the Dialog Boxes

Using the Dialog Boxes

  • To enjoy using your computer, one must be satisfied with the result or output of the finished work. In this manner one can communicate with the computers through the dialog boxes.

What are dialog boxes?

  • Dialog boxes are windows that contain options where one can tell the computer exactly what to do. The computer will ask how to carry out command instructed by the user.
  • For example, in saving a file, the computer asks the user what will be the filename and where to put it before actually saving it.

Examples of a dialog box

  • Not all dialog boxes look alike. Dialog boxes give several items to choose from. Somewhere in the window, you will find a button marked OK, Cancel, or Yes and No or any word that tells the computer what to do next.
  • To use dialog box, one has to be familiar with the things in it.

Components of a Dialog Box

  • Check Box – it is found beside a word or group of words. If there is a check mark or an X mark in this box, it means that the option is activated. To deactivate the option, unselect the check box or the word beside it.
  • Command Buttons – These are rectangular buttons that sink into the window once it is clicked. It will automatically activate or apply the chosen command.
  • Scrollable List Box – This displays different items to choose from. It has scrollbars used to move the list up or down to see other options.
  • Options buttons – This presents a group of choices. If the option contains a thick dot, this means that the option is chosen. To deactivate an option button, click on it or the word beside it.
  • Text box – This is a box where one can type in words, symbols, characters or information needed before performing the task

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